Admission Committee

The Committee helps the principal in admission procedures of various courses of study offered by the institution and has direct responsibility and final authority for determining who is admitted to the institution. It selects those students with excellent academic qualities that will allow for the successful completion of the course.

  1. Prof. Dr. Johnkutty P
  2. Prof. Reji Varghese
  3. .Prof. Raghu Kumar. V
  4. Ms. Ancila Clara Varghese

Discipline Committee/Anti-Ragging Committe

The Committee performs duties in respect of maintaining of the discipline in the institute and takes necessary steps against anti-ragging. The committee implement and co-ordinate antiragging measures and monitor discipline among students’ community in classroom as well as at other places.

  1. Fr. Daniel Bethel (Director)
  2. Prof. Itty Varghese (Principal)
  3. Prof. Reji Varghese
  4. Prof. Dr. Johnkutty P
  5. Prof. Raghu Kumar. V
  6. Ms. Preethi. S
  7. Sri. Suresh Kozhuvelil (PTA President)
  8. Ms. Shiny Jose (Muncipal Chairperson)
  9. CI of Police, Adoor

Handbook Commitee

The Committee publishes the college handbook which provides information about the activities of the college and updates it every year.

  1. Ms. Sreeja. M
  2. Ms. Nithya Babuji

NSS Programme Officer

Established to create strong social awareness in students, it imparts personality development through social service activities and other useful and productive works.

Prof. Dr. Johnkutty P

Women’s Cell

The cell is constituted to redress the grievances if any, of the lady students and the women- member of the staff of the college.

  1. Ms. Shiby.K.Baby
  2. Ms. Vishnupriya C.R

Publications (Magazine) and Public Relations Committee

The Committee serves as the mouthpiece of the college. It has good liaison with media and other agencies and ensures the wholehearted support and goodwill of the community at large.

  1. Mr. Mathews John (Staff Secretary)
  2. Ms. Annamma Shaji (Mag.Editor)
  3. Mr. Paul M.S (Marketing)
  4. Ms. Sreekala L.R
  5. Ms. Christina Peter
  6. Ms. Nisha P.V

University Examinations

The committee conducts and monitors all the End Semester Examinations and University Examinations of the college.

  1. Ms. Anu Thomas
  2. Ms. Sreeja M

Music Club

The club encourages students who are interested in music and provide opportunities to develop their talent.

  1. Mr. Mathews John
  2. Ms. Nithya Babuji

Athletics and Sports Committee

The committee promotes sports and games in campus and conducts annual sports meet.

  1. Fr. Robin Thykkoottathil
  2. Ms. Jisha Pushpan
  3. Ms. Lincy Simon

Parents Teachers Association

The Association envisages the wholesome development of the personality of students.

Ms. Bincy P. Thomas

Counseling Cell

The committee provides counseling service to students who require the same.

Rev. Sr. Naveen Francis DM


Educating young minds to enlightenment and empowerment.


MCC strives to provide a dynamic environment where the potential of the individual can be nurtured to make meaningful contributions to society.

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